Saturday, January 26, 2008

No questions.

When I was a younger woman the boys around the neighborhood would call me Bertha Butt after that old Jimmy Castor Bunch Song on account of the fact that I got myself a backside as wide as all outdoors. After a while that name just kinda started to follow me around. Before too long, people I didn't even know would see me on the street and say, "Hey there goes Bertha Butt! Now, I never did mind too much about the little things you understand. But back in the day- that shit really pissed me off. Now, a lot of time has passed since then. And everyone from those days is gone now. And I was missing them. So I put on that old Jimmy Caster Bunch record earlier tonight and it really brought me back. And if I could, well I suppose that if I could I'd bring all of them all back. Everyone I knew. Even the SOBs that used to call me Bertha Butt. Especially them.

What did they call you?


cook said...

Isnt it great to be remembered? Too bad you can't pick what you are remembered for.

Gizmo said...

That song takes me back!

I think I like you Mama!

Anonymous said...


I thought that this blog was going to be your words of wisdom regarding the Re.Spec. Plan?
Are you attending any meetings and letting your voice be heard?
What exactly do you like about the plan? dislike?
Your site is great but we need a liitle more talk ..

Thomas Anthony Gordon said...

Judy Ware has ponied up $ 10,000 to the Yes on Measure D campaign led by Mayor Miguel Pulido and Sal Tinajero.

Madison Material, also owned by Judy Ware, has ponied up 10K more.

If it was not clear before, it is now.


Anonymous said...

Judy Ware & her companies have given a lot of money to politicians, not just in Santa Ana. The recent Santa Ana Measure D was reported in the Orange County Register where Ware Disposal Companies gave $20,000. Ben Ware (Judy's Husband) & Jay Ware (Judy's Son) have given $2,600 in total to the party of John McCain as reported here The website lists the Ware's home address of 21 Sarteano Drive, Newport Coast, California, 92657.

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