Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where to put Ware?

This is Judy Ware. Her company Ware Disposal is the enemy. The straight out enemy. They don't come any more corrupt or connected. Everybody knows it- Aint nobody arguing the fact. So whys the place still there? how come nobody stops her? Hell if I know. But I do know that the city government wont even let us put nothing on the ballot about it. So what can we do? Can you think of another city where they put a damned dump in the middle of a residential neighborhood? Near a childrens school? Come on now people- This is not OK. Just look at her happy smiling face. Do you think she'd ever live in the Logan Lacy neighborhood? Hell no.
Didn't you know? This bitch lives in Newport Beach. She has standards.
Thats right. She only pollutes in Santa Ana.

Right now it dont look like the RSP is gonna get rid of her... which is pretty bad considering that its the only place everyone agrees on getting rid of


Red said...

Love the blog! Power to the people of Santa Ana!

Here's another local blog you might find interesting:

VVM said...

The fact you called Judy Ware a bitch has forever made me a fan--CONGRATS!

--Gustavo Arellano, OC Weekly

Robert said...

Judy should put her company on her own back yard. She would get a lot of residents from Newport Beach really upset.

Why don't the residents from Logan and Lacy just start putting thrash around her house. See if she likes it.

Two fisted MAMA you have the guts to speak your mind. I like that. : )

Urban Messiah said...

Power to Two Fisted Mama! I look forward to your posts.

Urban Messiah said...

John Mayer?

The Frito Bandito said...

Nice Post Two Fisted Mama

You should run for mayor!

(or John Mayer)

Two Fisted Mama said...

I want to thank you all for the love you sending me. Praise the Lord. I wanted to say something sooner but I had to wait til my boy got home to help me with this comments box. I got it all figured out now though thanks to him (My boys so smart)Thank you Red we just been looking at your article on that Orange Juice and it was so nice of you to tell the folks about me. And Gustavo, are you a reporter for the paper? For real? Oh my lord my lord, this internet is really something else! And thank you Robert! I always speak my mind I'll have you know my daddy saw to that. Urban Messiah, you keep comin to read my stories and I'll keep writing them OK? And Frito, you crazy! I aint tryin to be no mayor of nothin! Politicians aint nothin but liars and crooks! All I want is for this neighborhood to come up. Thats all. But I do thank you kindly for your love.

Anonymous said...

Judy Ware lives on 21 Sarteano Drive, Newport Coast, California, 92657. Her husband, Ben Ware, just made a political contribution of $2,300 to John McCain and listed their address on the web. We should send letters to Judy letting her know how much we hate what she's doing to Santa Ana!

Thomas Anthony Gordon said...

Judy Ware has ponied up $ 10,000 to the Yes on Measure D campaign led by Mayor Miguel Pulido and Sal Tinajero.

Madison Material, also owned by Judy Ware, has ponied up 10K more.

If it was not clear before, it is now.


Anonymous said...

Judy Ware & her companies have given a lot of money to politicians. The recent Santa Ana Measure D was reported in the Orange County Register where Ware Disposal Companies gave $20,000. Ben Ware (Judy's Husband) & Jay Ware (Judy's Son) have given $2,600 in total to the party of John McCain as reported here The website lists the Ware's home address of 21 Sarteano Drive, Newport Coast, California, 92657.

alfonsoybelen94 said...
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alfonsoybelen94 said...

Ware Disposal: A company we know all too well. A company that manipulates, over workes, under pays, under minds their employees. A company that will not tollerate an employee to speak their mind about the smelly dump in the middle of a busy well known street and city, (A historic Landmark)... A company that will fire their employees (as they did my husband) if they dare fight for overtime not paid properly. A company that sees their employees as just a number. A company that GOD will soon handle for he says," I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you!!"

Jolene Maxwell said...

I worked for Ware disposal as a nookkeeper. They donate well over amount using evrryboev and their cousins name to stay within legal limits. NOTHING this Company does is on the up and up. They are mster manipulators, thieves.

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