Wednesday, January 23, 2008

R,E,S,P,E,C,T, Give some to the RSP

I hear a lot of talkin goin around. A lot of talkin from a lot of folks sayin they aint happy with the RSP. Now I'll be the first to admit that I ain't no genius or nothing like that, but I cant rightly say that I can see why everyones so angry about the RSP. I'm gonna just say it. Because I'm the Two Fisted Mama and the Two Fisted Mama ALWAYS speaks her mind! When people in this neighborhood aint happy , then Mama aint happy either! So what do ya say we all put our chips out there on the table and say what we really mean. Thats all I ever do. I raised all my kids drug free and gang free because I always told them the truth about how things really was. Thats what you gotta do. Its the only way you can ever know which way is up and which way is right. So speak the truth everybody! Speak the truth and and lets get to the nitty gritty already!

I'll just throw some issues out there, but y'all feel free to talk about whatever.

1. The City redrew the borders of the plan to benefit themselves personally.

Big Deal! Of course they gonna line they pockets and help out theyselves and they families... Thats the way things work. Been that way forever. Y'all can stand in front of the tank or y'all can climb on and take a ride on it... Now some things are worth standing in front of the tank over, But not this. Me? I happen to like where this here tank is heading.

2. Its ethnic cleansing, they're only doing this to get rid of the Mexicans.

This is just about the silliest damn thing I ever heard. They is only one color politicians care about and that color is green. (Even Mexican politicians which is all we got in this city by the way) Now, I love the Mexican people I do, My kids play with they kids, we all get along just fine and have all my life. But as long as I happen to be on the subject, You Mexican people in Santa Ana gotta relax a little bit about this kinda stuff. You like 80% of the population and still acting like somebody's gonna force you out. What about Black people? There are so few of us around here that somebody actually wrote me that there WAS NO BLACK PEOPLE IN SANTA ANA!

3. The RSP wants to turn Santa Ana into Aliso Viejo

Two Fisted Mama:
Santa Ana is a big place. A very very big place compared to other cities in Southern California. A few nice restaurants and lofts in one small part of the city aint gonna make us into Aliso Viejo... but it will make it feel more like the kind of downtown that it has been advertising itself as! And it might just raise the value of this old house of mine. If it dont, at least I'll have someplace new to pass the time.

4. Anything I don't like about the RSP?

Sure. I dont think we need highrises over six stories. I dont like that Ware disposal aint getting kicked out. I dont like that they wont allow the grocery trucks to come around no more. They is lots a things I dont like about it. But shoot, Shopping in downtown designed for everybody and not just Mexicans? I think its long overdue.


Ben Dayhoe said...

Mama, you are as sweet as they come. I too was surprised to find out how close you live to us, but I'm sure glad to have met you (sorry about my dog going crazy in your yard and pulling up grass).

Your kids must be very proud of you (I wish my Mom knew how to Blog).

Two Fisted Mama said...

Well, Thank you kindly Ben! It was nice meeting you too! And never you mind about that dog, My kids done already tore up that yard worse than your dog ever could! (And truth be told, my oldest boy helps me an awful lot with making the blogs. He learned all about computers at his school! He got sick of listening to me talk about the RSP and one day he just said "Mama, I'm gonna make you a blog!" Well, So far so good!

Urban Messiah said...

I think you took the thoughts right out of my mind. Though, every community I can think of has a skateboard park which would be a good place for the kids to hang. Maybe be a place where some kids would get inspired to do something else besides tag and cause trouble. Why isn't there something like this in the plan?

Flustered Freddy said...

There is a park or two in the plan... not a skate park... but if we want to keep with the community incorporation theme, what about a graffiti park?
where kids could spray til their hearts content and once a month it gets painted white and they start over.

Anonymous said...

Judy Ware lives on 21 Sarteano Drive, Newport Coast, California, 92657. Feel free to send her letters stating your opinion. Ask her how would she feel if garbage was piled up in her neighborhood and in her own backyard!

Arch said...

Two Fisted Mama,

I'm a young african-american architect, and I've been searching for a neighborhood to do my first development project in. It is great to read a local citizen's candid opinions about their neighborhood. It gives me insight I could not typically get from the local governmental organizations.

I have really enjoyed your blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Judy Ware & her companies have given a lot of money to politicians. The recent Santa Ana Measure D was reported in the Orange County Register where Ware Disposal Companies gave $20,000. Ben Ware (Judy's Husband) & Jay Ware (Judy's Son) have given $2,600in total to the party of John McCain as reported here The website lists the Ware's home address of 21 Sarteano Drive, Newport Coast, California, 92657.

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